Litigation risk in social networking

CourtHouseFeatureIn an article entitled ‘The rise of social networking litigation’ (26/05/2009), Lawyers Weekly reports today on the risk of information made available on social networking sites being used in litigation.

There is an increasing amount of information available about individuals and organisations on the internet. With the growing popularity of social networking websites, the information made available by individuals about themselves is becoming very personal, creating significant privacy concerns.

Further, information uploaded to the internet today, even if ‘deleted’ later, may remain on the internet for many years, if not decades, to come due to the nature of the internet (e.g. cacheing and archiving).

Just consider when uploading information to the internet today, whether you would be happy for a recruiter or future employer to come across that information in 5 or 10 years time, when you are applying for a new role and that recruiter or employer decides to Google your name!

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