Agency linking in firms to social-networking Twitter world

TwitterIn an article entitled ‘Agency linking in firms to social-networking Twitter world’ (30/11/2009) The Australian reported today on a new agency, Community Engine, which specialises in assisting companies leveraging emerging social media.

Community Engine has already done some interesting work in this area for Crave Sydney.

It will be interesting to see this agency growing, developing and advancing social media across corporate Australia (and through their success potentially enticing competitors to enter into this new market space).

I noted in one of my recent entries on ‘KM and technology’ that it is important to recognise that we can’t all be experts in everything. This applies equally to engaging in social media and if you do not have the appropriate internal expertise make sure you engage the services of someone who does and can guide you through establishing a successful social media presence.

The overall cost of engaging an appropriate expert is likely to compare very favourably with the cost of a failed social media experiment, especially if you take into account potential damage to your reputation.

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