A better way to manage knowledge

A better way to manage knowledge’ is an interesting article by John Hagel III and John Seely Brown, published by bloomberg.com and harvardbusiness.org (19/01/2010).

This article raises interesting questions about what our understanding of KM is by simply stating that ‘in their quest to capture what the firm already knows, most knowledge managers lost sight of the fact that the real value is in creating new knowledge, rather than simply “managing” existing knowledge’.

The writers express the view that ‘the last thing the world needs is another knowledge management scheme focusing on capturing knowledge that already exists. What we need are new approaches to creating knowledge, ones that take advantage of the new digital infrastructure’s ability to lower the interaction costs among us all — ones that mobilise big, diverse groups of participants to innovate and create new value’.

This is an exciting concept and is in line with my push for a while now to engage web 2.0 collaborative techniques to facilitate real-time interaction.

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