Six ways to find social media talent

HumanResourcesIn some recent blog entries I discussed the importance of recognising that we can’t all be experts in everything, which includes engagement in social media. I suggested that if you do not have the appropriate internal expertise make sure you engage the services of someone who does and can guide you through establishing a successful social media presence. I also noted that the overall cost of engaging an appropriate expert is likely to compare very favourably with the cost of a failed social media experiment, especially if you take into account potential damage to your reputation.

Of course finding appropriate talent in this developing area can be tricky. The blog entry entitled ‘Six ways to find social media talent’ at the Harvard Business Review (HBR) provides some useful guidelines to finding the perfect fit for your social media, from exploring your internal options to looking externally for an appropriate expert.

As the HBR blog entry notes the market place is flooded with self-appointed ‘experts’ and it is critically important that your screening process is capable of screening out those ‘experts’ who know little but see a business opportunity in this new, growing field. However the blog entry also provides some very useful pointers to assist you with your search for your corporate social media expert.

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