Navigating the social networks (and social media horror stories for lawyers)

SocialMedia2Social networking remains a significant challenge for business and professionals, including lawyers as illustrated again by an article entitled ‘Navigating the social networks’ published in the Lawyers Weekly today.

This is an interesting article, especially the recommended Google search for ‘horror stories social media lawyers’. The results of such a Google search are indeed enlightening at the least and may even frighten some off social media for good. The results the search presents is recommended (if not compulsory) reading for lawyers and law firms engaging in social networking. For example see the article entitled ‘Lawyers’ social media horror stories’ at Above the Law (although admittedly some, if not most, of the stories go into the categories of common sense lost and ‘what were they thinking of?!’).

The Lawyers Weekly article also highlights how large Australian law firms are starting to dip their toes into blogging, including Mallesons’ IP Whiteboard, a Mallesons blog dealing with IP related issues.

A striking feature of the Mallesons IP Whiteboard is its seemingly full integration, indicated by a ‘blog’ subdomain at the Mallesons URL and what appears to be an integrated blogging software, which suggests that Mallesons has made a conscious decision to invest in this Web 2.0 technology.

However, Mallesons is not the only large Australian law firm blogging. Allens Arthur Robinson also has a blog dealing with climate change issues, Climate Change at Allens, and Freehills is also getting in on the act.

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