Another social media ‘horror’ story …

SocialMediaAnother article in the Harvard Business Review titled ‘When Are Facebook Updates a Firing Offence?‘ highlights the ongoing tension between the open and uninhibited nature of social media and your employment prospects.

This issue has been an ongoing theme since social media has embedded itself in popular culture and it is not an issue that is likely to go away any time soon.

Obviously, social media is a very public forum and you need to take care not to make comments online you wouldn’t feel comfortable making in a conference room at work in front of your colleagues (no matter how ‘protective’ your privacy setting are in the social media forum you are using).

Although, I still believe it is important to be yourself in your online presence, that self does need to conform with widely accepted social norms as social media, despite to some contrary beliefs, is not the wild west where anything goes but merely a very public and easily accessible extension of your real world private and professional life.

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