Apple, iWeb, MobileMe, iCloud and the curse of having to export two entire blogs …

Today I am on a ‘copy and paste’ rampage.

Those of you who are Apple users probably noticed that my website,, has been created using iWeb, Apple’s website creation tool. The site was also hosted on Apple’s MobileMe service.

If you are an Apple user you are probably also aware that iWeb is being retired by Apple and MobileMe will be soon replaced by iCloud, without the web-hosting facilities.

Consequently, I am spending this rainy, cold spring Saturday migrating my old iWeb Knowledge Management and Social Media Blogs to WordPress in preparation of migrating my website to a new host.

While one could see this as a boring, unnecessary and borderline annoying task, I have come to see it as a quite enjoyable morning getting reacquainted with my old blog entries.

In any event, welcome to my new professional WordPress blog which combines the two separate Knowledge Management and Social Media Blogs that used to be hosted at my professional website. It may take me a while to import all the old blog entries, but once finished I think it will become a better, more functional portal.

Enjoy, and please don’t take to heart the fact that the comments and replies you posted on the old blogs have disappeared but, unfortunately, there is no way of migrating those from iWeb to WordPress.

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