Knowledge Management 101 …

A friend called recently and asked if I could have coffee with him. During our catch up he confessed to an ulterior motive … he wanted to find out more about ‘knowledge management’.

He feared his organisation was ‘bleeding’ knowledge and noted that his board has never expressly considered or addressed capturing much of the knowledge, information and experience that formed a significant proportion of the organisation’s intellectual capital.

He confided that he has been thinking about the matter for a few months following an earlier chat we had about the topic and realised that his organisation needed to have a closer look at the issue, and perhaps take a more formal and structured approach to knowledge management.

After a long chat he asked if I could prepare a ‘very brief, basic and non-threatening’ (his words) presentation on knowledge management that he could show to his board in just a couple of minutes to bring the issue to their attention and start a discussion.

I thought the presentation I prepared for him is worth sharing as a useful (very basic) introduction to practical, grassroots knowledge management:

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