Life’s little pleasures …

Passion To date I had what I consider to be an epic life.

… I was born in then communist Hungary …

I was born in then communist Hungary, grew into a young dissident, defected (twice, spectacularly unsuccessfully on the first try), spent a year in a refugee camp, arrived as a political refugee in Melbourne, Australia, worked as a kitchen hand, cook, chef, waiter, restaurant manager. Moved to Sydney, worked in customer service, studied law and business, became a corporate lawyer, knowledge professional, blogger, social media adviser and a human rights activist … And I am still only in my mid-40s and going stronger than ever!

… working in corporate Australia … could be a tad boring at times …

If you think that working in corporate Australia with that background could be a tad boring at times, you would be right. While I very much enjoy what I do, there is a piece of that old rebel revolutionary in me that is never quite satisfied or ready to settle. Corporate work and big law have their unique characteristics, provide a formidable intellectual challenge and offer a surprising variety and complexity of projects that both challenge and satisfy a curious mind. And of course, large law firms also offer amazing opportunities for pro bono work on a wide range of social causes, including homelessness, asylum seekers and LGBTI human rights just to mention a few. But, if you have artistic, creative or social aspirations hidden away somewhere, corporate and legal work could fall short from time-to-time in the satisfaction stakes, despite its wide-ranging offerings. For some, the drive for change is strong enough to throw away their corporate or legal career altogether. Personally, I always wondered if that was a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water … but of course, as the other saying goes, each to his own.

… a more pragmatic approach works for me far better.

Over the years I found that a more pragmatic approach works for me far better. I very much enjoy my role as a Knowledge Management Senior Associate as it provides me with an opportunity to stay on top of legal and practice issues in a wide range of practice areas and thus provides the intellectual stimulation I crave. My role also requires familiarity with the latest in knowledge and project management theories and practice and emerging technologies and their potential applications. Further, I have the opportunity to interact with and provide training not just to our young lawyers, but also to our corporate clients and over the years I also developed a reputation for setting up and managing successful project teams.

… I still often find myself lacking something that’s often difficult to articulate.

Despite that possibly sounding quite exhaustive, I still often found myself lacking something that was difficult to articulate. However, over the years, through some trial and error, I found ways to fill that mysterious gap. For starters here is The Vue Post. If you thought it was created for you, the reader, you would only be half-right. This publication is as much for me, as it is for my readers. It provides me with both independence and a creative intellectual outlet that’s extremely satisfying, even though it still has a strong business and professional focus.

This, above anything else, feeds my soul in a way that nothing else can.

I also strongly engage in online human rights advocacy by writing pieces on a wide range of issues dealing with equality, politics and social justice. This, above anything else, feeds my soul in a way that nothing else can. I also dabble in some truly creative work as a Silent (but Creative) Partner at a small creative and graphic design agency, Different.Kind. Here, I am consulted on creative concepts from posters, to book covers, from social media campaigns to commercial art, and this role enables me to put my creative energies and marketing degree to good use in a relaxed and informal environment. Given the informal arrangements of this role, it is the perfect fit for evenings and weekends when my mind needs to be emptied of business and legal issues.

… cooking remains an indisputable passion of mine …

Finally, cooking remains an indisputable passion of mine and I try to get friends around the dining table at least once a month and whip up a special feast to remember. So, these are my life’s little pleasures. What are yours?!

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