Sydney trains

Backpacks on public transport …

BackpackIt’s time for a frivolous, #FirstWorldProblems rant about backpacks … on public transport.

If you ever found yourself stuck next to a person wearing a giant backpack on a crowded train or bus, you may know what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately, the ‘backpack people’ seem blissfully unaware they are the human, public transport equivalent of that giant clumsy dog with the giant tail that constantly sweeps everything away.

Bless their hearts, most of them keep apologising every time they move, or turn slightly, and push you off your feet with their backpack in the process – and some just don’t seem to care …

But, I would like to offer a better solution!

Unless you have the spacial awareness that takes into account the extension to your body created by wearing a backpack, how about taking it off when you board a packed train or bus and holding it in your hand?

We all share the horrors and inconveniences of public transport together, so how about making this tiny gesture in an effort to make the experience just a little bit nicer to endure?

Do you have a public transport peeve you would like to share?! Leave a comment below.

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