Google snaps back at ‘Mobilegeddon’, prefers to call it ‘mobiletopia’

GoogleSmallGoogle responded today to the plethora of articles flying around about its ‘Mobilegeddon‘.

Indeed, you have to wonder why people are so surprised about the elevation of mobile devices, given their unprecedented growth over the past few years.

As far as Google is concerned the tinkering with their algorithm is really just ‘mobiletopia‘.

In any event, Google emphasises that ‘mobile-friendliness’ is just one of 200 criteria they use to determine the ranking of sites in search results, meaning that a site that’s lacking mobile-friendliness won’t simply disappear from results and will continue to feature prominently provided they ‘contain great content that people really want.’

Google also noted that this new ranking will only affect mobile devices.

I must agree with Google. When I am using my iPhone, there is nothing more annoying than ending up on a site that’s impossible to read and navigate on a mobile device and the experience will make me less likely to ever visit the site again, whether from my mobile devices or my MacBook.

Perhaps Google could have given more than two months for businesses to adapt to its new mobile-friendly algorithm. But then, mobile devices have been around for a while now and have grown significantly in the past few years.

This begs the question for businesses that haven’t yet made their sites mobile-friendly: what have they been waiting for?! For mobile devices to catch on?!

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