The best tweets from the US National Summit on Innovation in Legal Services

The National Summit on Innovation in Legal Services, held in the United States from 2 to 4 May, was hosted by the Stanford School of Law in California. The event was a collaboration between Stanford and the American Bar Association.

A “National Summit on Innovation in Legal Services,” is an invitation-only event that will challenge thought leaders both from within and beyond the legal profession to develop action plans to ensure access to justice for all. The Summit will be co-sponsored by the American Bar Association Presidential Commission on the Future of Legal Services and Stanford University School of Law. ABA President William C. Hubbard will serve as the Summit host.

The goal is to spark fresh thinking about the delivery of legal services and to find new, actionable ideas that are not constrained by traditional models and are rooted in the essential values of protecting the public, enhancing diversity and inclusion, and pursuing justice for all.

The agenda was impressive and the speakers were carefully selected and extremely high-calibre, including the well-known Richard Susskind.

Sadly, my invitation must have been lost in the mail. Never mind as, very conveniently, the event was live-tweeted by many of those attending and ‘#abafutures’ became my favourite hashtag on Twitter for a few days. These days, thanks to technology, if you are unable to attend a significant professional event, you can still follow it on social media as a ‘#HashtagAttendee’.

I curated below what I consider to be the best tweets from the Summit. These tweets offer an interesting insight into innovation in legal services and the issues facing the legal profession in the American market, which appear to be largely consistent with the themes of the international experience:

  • evolving client expectations;
  • emerging and disruptive technologies;
  • lawyers holding on to the past and resisting change, innovation and collaboration; and
  • legal education failing to keep pace with a fast changing legal market.

The ABA Journal’s Victor Li also published insightful pieces about his experiences at the Summit over the last few days:

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