President Obama

President Obama joins Twitter, and America and the world unravel a little

On 19 May 2015, the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, joined Twitter as @POTUS.

There is nothing particularly controversial about him doing so; in fact one wonders what took him so long. Having seen the responses by his fellow Americans, it now appears he was merely protecting their reputation by staying off Twitter, because it seems many of his fellow citizens just can’t help themselves.

Admittedly, international punters also joined in.

Before you continue reading, please note your discretion is strongly advised.

The racism, vile language and utter abhorrence of many of the tweets that greeted President Obama are beyond the pale, and downright disgusting.

While the people responsible for these tweets are clearly a minority, the fact is they do exists, and denying their existence won’t help us addressing the problem. They are a reflection, and the product, of a wide-spread poisonous culture, and the mindless hate that appears to permeate social media, and modern public discourse generally.

Admittedly, for many it is easier to spout hate, and cuss words, than trying to verbalise a coherent and intelligent position on issues of significance. Of course, being uninformed, or misinformed, and guided by bigotry, fear, hate, homophobia, misogyny, and racism doesn’t help.

Sadly, there can never be a coherent and intelligent argument in support of those primitive concepts, which no longer have a place in modern human society. Consequently, spouting hate and cuss words are perhaps the only things they have left …

If you are prepared to expose yourself to despicable hate, and human ugliness, scroll down the page.



























The above is just a small sample of the ugly response to President Obama joining Twitter in his personal capacity. Such a reaction is a sad reflection on some sections of humanity.

* Where a tweet above appears in a grey panel rather than in a Twitter frame, it indicates the author of the tweet chose to delete it, or was suspended by Twitter, after this article was published.

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