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Social media for lawyers and knowledge professionals

SocialMediaA couple of months ago in the article titled iOS Apps for Australian lawyers and knowledge professionals, I talked about a recent seminar for lawyers which sparked the article that detailed a range of excellent iOS Apps designed, or otherwise suited, for lawyers and knowledge workers.

Since then, there have been a few queries whether the relevant presentation is already available somewhere, or if it could be shared. The presentation itself focused largely on social media Apps, their uses and some of the issues surrounding the use of social media.

The presentation in question is available on The Vue Post’s YouTube Channel and it is also embedded below:

There are two further YouTube clips, by others, which form part of the presentation. These videos are referred to on the slides titled ‘Social media in 2015’ (the second slide) and ‘Facebook, uh oh oh’ (the final slide):

(This video was posted by the legendary Erik Qualman, known for his fantastic and lively YouTube videos providing quick and excellent summaries of where social media is at.)

(This video is intended to be an end of presentation ‘lighter moment’. It is a European music video of a song performed at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, which deals with the complications of life with Facebook.)


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