Domestic violence

62 dead women … little or no tangible action

White RibbonIt’s 12 September 2015.

Day 254 of 2015.

Week 37 of 2015

62 women died in domestic violence incidents so far this year.

That’s 1.67 deaths caused by domestic violence per week.

  1. Leila Alavi
  2. Leah Anne Appleton
  3. Rinabel Tiglao Blackmore
  4. Kerry Bromley
  5. Tara Brown
  6. Renee Carter
  7. Nadia Cameron
  8. Nikita Chawla
  9. Dianne Chi
  10. Adelle Collins
  11. Tara Costigan
  12. Daniela D’Addario
  13. Ruth Dodd
  14. Jane Doe*
  15. Jane Doe
  16. Jane Doe
  17. Jane Doe
  18. Jane Doe
  19. Jane Doe
  20. Jane Doe
  21. Jane Doe
  22. Jane Doe
  23. Jane Doe
  24. Jane Doe
  25. Jane Doe
  26. Jane Doe
  27. Jane Doe
  28. Jane Doe
  29. Sharon Edwards
  30. Ting Fang
  31. Donna Gusman
  32. Salwa Haydar
  33. Melita Hart
  34. Brittany Shanice Harvie
  35. Ann Hay
  36. Julie Hutchinson
  37. Ainur Ismagul
  38. Jayde Kendall
  39. Prabha Arun Kumar
  40. Karina Lock
  41. Linda Locke
  42. Norma Ludlam
  43. Mai Mach
  44. Angela Rose MacKinnon
  45. Sabah al Mdwali
  46. Kerry Michael
  47. Olga Neubert
  48. Jackie Ohide
  49. Traci O’Sullivan
  50. Fabiana Palhares
  51. Jacinta Pompei
  52. Stephanie Scott
  53. Kris-Deann Sharpley
  54. Rose-Marie Sheehy
  55. Lana Smith
  56. Tiffany Taylor
  57. Masa Vukotic
  58. June Wallis
  59. Rebecca Webb
  60. Roxanne Wilkinson
  61. Seker Yildiz
  62. Wei Dung Zheng

Source: Counting Dead Women Australia by Destroy the Joint

We had numerous media outrages this year over deadly domestic violence incidents against women. But each time the outrage went as fast as it came, and with it the political will to do anything tangible.

Handwringing and press conferences do not a response make.

On 10 September, no less than six stories of violence against women appeared on the website of the Brisbane Times … at the same time. Cue the latest outrage.

Brisbane Times

But when will enough be enough?! What will it take for the outrage to stick until something is done?! When will society unequivocally say violence against women is not acceptable, and take firm action through education, law enforcement and the justice system?!

Dare I ask – what would the government’s response be if terrorists killed 62 Australian women?! Why can’t we have the kind of government focus the threat of terrorism creates on something that’s killing women right now?!

The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence has been told stories of women not being taken seriously or being turned away by police when seeking help. One of the latest victims, Tara Brown, reached out to Queensland police for help – reportedly she was turned away. On Tuesday she died in hospital from the horrific injuries inflicted upon her by her former partner.

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Over to you:

  • Commonwealth Minister for Women, Tony Abbott, Attorney-General George Brandis and Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan;
  • NSW Attorney-General, Gabrielle Upton and Minister for Justice and Police, Troy Grant;
  • Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula, Minister for Corrections and Minister for Police, Wade Noonan and Minister for Women, Fiona Richardson;
  • Queensland Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Yvette D’Ath and Minister for Police, Jo-Ann Miller;
  • South Australian Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Reform, John Rau and Minister for Police, Tony Piccolo;
  • Western Australian Attorney-General Michael Mischin and Minister for Police, Liza M. Harvey;
  • Tasmanian Attorney-General, Minister for Justice and Minister for Corrections, Vanessa Goodwin and Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Rene Hidding;
  • Australian Capital Territory Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Joy Burch, Minister for Justice, Shane Rattenbury and Minister for Women, Yvette Berry; and
  • Northern Teritory Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Johan Wessel Elferink, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Peter Glen Chandler and Minister for Women’s Policy, Bess Nungarrayi Price.

I think it’s time you talked. Between the 23(!) of you surely something could, should  and must be done … now!

* ‘Jane Doe’ designates female victims of domestic violence not named in media reports.

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