Elderflower drop

Sunday life: November 2015

Nothing guarantees a spring that feels like summer than an El Niño supercharged by climate change …

This spring has been warm and humid, even offered a few beach days already, and a spectacular lightning storm, so prepare yourselves for a scorching summer.

Elderflower drop

20ml Elderflower liquor*
40ml Absolut or Belvedere vodka

Method: pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice, shake, and strain into a large martini glass.

*My preferred elderflower liquor is St-Germain from France.

While you are enjoying your Elderflower drop, here are a few of my favourite tunes I am currently listening to.

‘TALK ME DOWN (Blue Neighbourhood Part 3/3)’ by Troye Sivan

Last month I brought you the first two videos, ‘Wild’ and ‘Fools,’ from the ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ trilogy by Troye Sivan, one of the hottest young music artists in the world.

The final instalment of the trilogy, ‘Talk Me Down,’ is a beautiful piece of music, accompanied by a haunting video that continues to explore the difficult subjects of homophobia and youth suicide.

‘Peanut Butter Jelly’ by Galantis

I almost feel the need to apologise for including this track, but this video is one of the campiest and most hilarious music videos I have seen in recent months, and I have been secretly watching it over and over, every time I need an upbeat tempo and a smile.

Galantis is a Swedish electronic music production and songwriting duo. Grammy winning Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw had successful individual electronic dance music careers, and first hooked up by chance in 2007. Their first EP was released in 2014. The first single ‘Smile’ caused some ripples with its NSFW video. Their current album, ‘Pharmacy,’ is jam-packed with music that will send you in search of a dance floor and flashing lights, although this is probably one of the catchiest tunes from the album.

‘Union City Blue’ by Blondie

Admittedly this is more a beer on tap or a few shots of tequila song, but this month I will finish with this 1979 classic from Debbie Harry and Blondie. The song was inspired by the movie Union City, in which Debbie appeared.

I was recently reminded just how great this song is at 2am on the dance floor at Frankie’s, Sydney’s favourite ‘dodgy-but-awesome pizzeria, part dark, dank and dirty West Hollywood dive.’

Rock on!

‘The Lost Boys’ by Sam de Brito

The Lost BoysIf you prefer a literary journey with your Elderflower Drop, my pick this month is a tough yarn by the Sam de Brito who recently passed away, at age 46.

The Lost Boys‘ was a controversial book when released.

It’s raw, rude and honest.

Some loved it, others hated it.

Many found the themes and language shocking, others saw the truth stripped bare.

It’s vintage Sam de Brito.

Ned is 15. He and his friends while away their days smoking dope, trying to root chicks and surfing at Maroubra. Ned’s life is only just beginning – tomorrow, some time.

Ned is 35. He and his mates drift through the days snorting cocaine, trying to root chicks, clinging to the pub and surfing at Bondi. For Ned, this is it – tomorrow never came.

What happens when life passes you by? When the drugs no longer work and the promise of the future has become the wreckage of the past? What happens when a generation of men lose their way?

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