#BrusselsLockdown is yet another illustration why Daesh had already lost its ‘war’ on the West.

Last week I reported on the heartbreakingly beautiful note posted to Facebook titled ‘You will not have my hatred,’ by Antoine Leiris, the widow of Helen Muyal-Leiris who was murdered by Daesh terrorists at the Bataclan in Paris.

As the search for escaped terrorists spread to Belgium, the capital was locked down, and the people of Brussels were asked by authorities not to jeopardise police operations by posting details or pictures to social media.

The Belgians obliged and, in the process, created possibly one of the most defiant and humorous cat memes of all time in response. Take that Daesh!




The Belgians have won Twitter and the Internet, and frankly Daesh doesn’t stand a chance.

I salute you Brussels, and your cats!

Meanwhile Belgian police confirmed the arrest of 16 people during their raids, under the cover of the great Brussels cat meme, and they thanked the people of Brussels for their cooperation.

Sadly, Paris terrorist fugitive Salah Abdeslam has not yet been found.

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