Rubber ducky Daesh

Duck, Daesh!

Right on the heels of the Belgian people’s Daesh mocking #BrusselsLockdown cat meme craze, comes the Daesh mocking rubber ducky meme craze.

Praise be to … the interwebs!

It appears the craze was started by members of the Reddit group 4chan, and it spread from there like wildfire to other social media platforms.

While Daesh is ducking bombs on the ground, it is also ducking bombs in a social media ‘war’ of well-deserved mockery, sarcasm and satire, most of them will probably never truly comprehend.

Some may consider this response to Daesh childish, or even useless. I respectfully disagree.

Considering the significant effort Daesh is investing in their social media presence, largely with Western and young audiences in mind, making them the subject of derision, mockery and ridicule on the medium is an excellent method of combating and disempowering their messages.

The barbaric brutality of Daesh and the damage, destruction and harm they have caused, and continue to cause, certainly cannot be underestimated but, when history looks back, Daesh should be nothing more than a disappointing footnote.

Admittedly a violent footnote, but it is up to the rest of humanity to ensure they stay a footnote, which we remember only so that humanity never repeats the mistake of permitting such a barbaric group of humans to wield power of any kind ever again …

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