17 years that demand recognition

Gay weddingToday my partner and I are celebrating our 17th anniversary.

An anniversary not recognised by the laws of our liberal, secular democracy, because we are both man.

Ironically, our relationship, which is considered unacceptable and sinful by some, endured better than my parents’ marriage that lasted just over 13 years.

Meanwhile, the average state-sanctioned ‘marriage’ in Australia lasts about 12 years these days.

So, we are doing pretty well.

But, we are denied the fundamental social structure designed to recognise the enduring commitment of two people to each other – marriage.

We are far too familiar with the usual, religious, ‘arguments’ against marriage equality and, for reasons that defy common sense, society continues to accept and tolerate those arguments.

Am I angered by this exclusion? Yes.

Am I bitter over this rejection? Yes.

Am I saddened by this intolerance? Yes.

Am I hurt by this bigotry? Yes.

The love my man and I have together, the joy we experience every day waking up next to each other, the laughter that fills our home, our amazing friends and family help us to rise above the muck, and give us the resilience, strength and purpose to continue our fight for inclusion, acceptance and love.

Tomorrow we will continue that fight for equality under the law.

But, today my man and I will celebrate our achievements as a couple: a beautiful, loving relationship that’s stronger than ever, a love that still grows a little each day, even after 17 years, and a wonderful home that our love built.

Happy 17th anniversary my darling man, you are my everything …

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