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The Vue Post déjà vu

Before The Vue Post became ‘The Vue Post’, it was two separate blogs, which I started in July 1999 and May 2009 respectively. My personal blog focused on human rights and social issues. My professional blog, launched ten years later, focused on legal issues, knowledge management, social media and technology.

Over the years both blogs grew in popularity, and the two sites were merged and relaunched as ‘The Vue Post’ on 24 February 2015, with the assistance of a very small team of enthusiastic volunteers.

The Vue Post had an amazing 2015. Publication was ramped up to a daily schedule, and its readership increased significantly. We loved hearing how much you enjoyed reading it. However, there can be a gap between an idealistic vision and the ability to sustain it.

It was never an intention to make The Vue Post a commercial adventure. It was always intended to be an independent and edgy voice. Unfortunately, my deliberate approach of eschewing advertising, and relying on donations only, proved to be economically unsustainable. Maintaining a daily publication schedule with volunteers, and on a shoestring budget, caught up with us.

Over the holidays the volunteer Editorial Team held a number of meetings about the future of The Vue Post and concluded that it couldn’t continue into 2016. My eternal gratitude goes to the Team for the amazing job they have done in 2015. It was an incredible ride, and quite an experience, which left us all enriched, and a little bit wiser.

In 2016 The Vue Post will become my blog again and I will continue to write on a wide range of topics from human rights to social issues, legal insights, knowledge management, social media and technology.

All the articles posted during 2015 will remain at The Vue Post for posterity, but going forward you will read a more personal voice, and somewhat less often. Make sure to follow the blog, here at The Vue Post, or on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Instagram, to be notified when new pieces are published.

And don’t be surprised if occasionally the old Editorial Team returns with a piece or two, their schedule permitting …

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