Happy Festive Season!

With Christmas Eve around the corner, and in the spirit of work-life balance, I will be taking a well-earned relaxing break from blogging until early next year.

Thank you for all your support and messages throughout the year! This has been another bumper 12 months, and I am humbled by your readership and encouragement.

It has been an interesting, and troubling year, characterised by political and social upheaval, giving me plenty of reasons to write and express my never-ending dismay with our political ‘leaders,’ and the state of our cultural, political, and social affairs.

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We witnessed a feral election campaign in the United States, accompanied by the tragic rise of the racist, white supremacist, neo-Nazi Alt-Right, which saw Donald Trump, the loser of the popular vote by over 2.5 million votes, declared president-elect.

We survived the longest, most boring, and utterly uninspiring election campaign in Australia’s modern history, followed by a marriage equality plebiscite fiasco overseen by a Prime Minister who, in a short year, managed to betray every principle he once confessed to hold dear.

We are living in the age of a global refugee crisis unparalleled in scale since WWII, coupled with our deplorable treatment of refugees in our offshore asylum seekers processing centres that have become a physical manifestation of Australia’s lost humanity and values.

We are living under the ongoing threat of mindless, barbaric terrorism, which continues to endanger lives around the world, and breeds uncertainty in cities and nations traditionally spared from violence, making otherwise good people grow fearful and engage in thinking and conduct unbecoming of them.

Despite these upheavals and concerning global trends, I wish all my lovely readers a relaxing and safe Festive Season and a very Happy New Year, and hope you will enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends.

See you all in 2017!

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Happy Holidays!

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