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17 more women murdered … still no action?!

It’s the 17th week of 2019.

Natalina Angok was the 17th women in 2019 to be murdered by her partner this week.

This means that, in 2019, Australia continues to average the murder of one woman per week by her partner.

Frankly, I can’t imagine that an epidemic of murders, and at the rate of one person per week I would argue it is an epidemic, would not spark a much larger government response in any other circumstance.

Just imagine if terrorists were killing an Australian per week … I bet there would be an unprecedented political and law enforcement response before long.

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After all, the infamous NSW lockout laws were eventually legislated in the space of just a few weeks, largely in response to two random one-hit punch killings of teenagers by strangers, two years apart.

If our politicians could find what they saw as the appropriate and necessary legislative and law enforcement response to such random murders, why are our governments continuing the fail us on the subject of deadly, arguably systemic, domestic violence claiming the life of a woman per week in Australia?!

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