The Vue Post

About The Vue Post

The Vue Post was born when two blogs I founded, one set up in July 1999 focusing on human rights and social justice, and another, established in May 2009 focusing on the law, knowledge management, social media and technology, were merged and relaunched under a new masthead on 24 February 2015.

Between 24 February and 24 December 2015 The Vue Post was managed by a small, volunteer Editorial Team, and published articles with greater regularity. I continued to contribute during this period as editor-at-large.

In 2016 The Vue Post reverted back to my professional and personal blog, where I discuss professional matters with a focus on law, social media, knowledge management, and technology, and personal issues of interest involving culture, human rights, politics, society, and social justice.

The personal is political.

I am a socially liberal progressive, and my views expressed at The Vue Post reflect that affiliation.

The five focus areas of The Vue Post are:

  • Culture & Politics encompass an unlimited range of artistic, cultural, and political subject matters, such as literature, music, the theatre and the visual arts, politics, good governance, and more.
  • Knowledge explores organisational learning, knowledge management practices, and technology, and focuses on the practical aspects of collating, managing, and making available knowledge within an organisation, and the facilitation of collaboration and sharing.
  • Law covers critical legal developments, ranging from general legal issues to case law developments, whether in a commercial or social context, including human rights.
  • Science & Technology look at emerging concepts and technologies, their potential business and social impact, and the practical implementation of technological advances in a business and social context.
  • Social Media refers to anything and everything that involves social online activity, including the commercial, legal, psychological, social, and technological aspects of the medium.

I hope you enjoy exploring and reading The Vue Post,
Stephen Sander