Where did Putin go

Where did Putin go?

Vladimir Putin on horsebackThe President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, disappeared recently from public view for over 10 days, leaving Russians, and the rest of the world, wondering where he was. On his reappearance, when asked about his absence, he quipped:

‘It would be boring without gossip.’

So, to date everyone has been left wondering what Mr. Putin may have been up to. Well, wonder no more!

A very helpful video has been posted to YouTube by the ‘Russian Information Channel’, courtesy of three Norwegian cartoonist and the NRK, Norway’s government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company.

In the short cartoon, Putin is imagined to have been engaging in all sorts of hijinks during his absence, from fishing with submarine torpedoes to practicing yoga with his finger perilously edging towards a nuclear button, judo with a brown bear, and causing the recent solar eclipse.

Norwegian media reported that of the first 900,000 or so views of the cartoon, 76% were from Russia. No doubt, like the rest of the world, they were also wondering where their dear leader went …

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