The LexisNexis® and Janders Dean Legal Innovation Index is back for 2016

The annual Legal Innovation Index for Australia and New Zealand is back for 2016.

The fourth annual award event is scheduled to take place on 25 August.

LexisNexis® and Janders Dean are teaming up once again to unearth, recognise and applaud the most innovative law firms, legal teams and individuals in Australia and New Zealand.

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JDThe Index is designed to reward those who disrupt the status quo, demonstrate innovation in the legal industry, deliver uniqueness and value to clients and, in the process, differentiate their organisations from their rusty peers.

The Index separates the firms that engage in innovation, from the firms that just talk innovation, and the firms that do nothing.

The Index is a significant event because it goes beyond the often empty rhetoric of disruption and innovation that seems to permeate business culture at the moment, by highlighting and acknowledging real-world, practical implementations of innovative ideas.

You could say the Index itself is … disruptive.

The entries have now opened for the 2016 Index and, if recent trends are anything to go by, this year’s Index will likely be another highly competitive event.

Nominee organisations are asked to define innovation and provide examples of their relevant activities, which can include projects, programs, or initiatives, while individual nominees will be assessed on their innovative ideas, approaches and outcomes.

Entries close on 17 July, and the finalists will be announced on 9 August.

I look forward to reporting from this year’s award event.

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