Facebook, Twitter to face more sophisticated attacks: McAfee

DeviceSecurityWhile maintaining a healthy dose of scepticism given that the source is McAfee, the article entitled ‘Facebook, Twitter to face more sophisticated attacks: McAfee’ (31/12/2009) in The Sydney Morning Herald is a sobering reminder of the security issues surrounding social networking.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that social networking sites are targeted by cyber criminals and, as with any other online activity, security must be a serious consideration.

Any business with a presence on social networking sites must have the security of its customers at the top of its list of concerns. Hijacked social networking pages or hyperlinks could cause serious damage to the reputation of an organisation and financial loss to visitors.

While you can’t have control of the security of your Facebook or Twitter presence and you need to rely on those third-party providers to ensure that their portals are secure, you must remain vigilant and monitor your social networking pages and any hyperlinks on those pages to ensure that they have not been compromised by cyber criminals.

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