Social media and law firms

TwitterI came across a Lawyers Weekly’s article tiled ‘Social media makeover: KM style’ (8 September 2010), which provides an interesting insight into some of the barriers KM professionals face in promoting and introducing social media tools at law firms.

The article notes that while many lawyers, especially the younger generation, are well acquainted with using social media in their personal lives, the take-up of social media for business purposes has been limited in the Australian legal sector, somewhat frustratingly so from the perspective of early adopter knowledge management professionals.

I personally suspect that this is due to the fact that the relevant decision makers at many law firms come from a generation not as well acquainted with, and perhaps somewhat wary (or even downright suspicious) of, social media.

While it is understandable that law firms wish to ensure that they make a considered entry into social media, the delays in doing so may become a significant competitive disadvantage in the long run and some law firms may find themselves left behind and even possibly gunned out by more progressive competitors with a firmer and faster grasp of emerging social technologies.

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