Darkness is descending on us once again, daring to bask its ugly, hateful face in the light, mocking our very humanity, exploiting our precious liberties to threaten our democracies, and the universal values of equality, love, progress, and unity.

It is cynically exploiting the precious liberties written in the blood of heroes who sacrificed everything to beat the darkness into retreat time-and-time again in the course of human history.

We must make the darkness retreat again. We must do so in honour of those who sacrificed so much.

We must learn from our history, and we must say no to the darkness loudly and unequivocally before it takes hold, so we need not new heroes to needlessly sacrifice themselves for our negligent and ignorant failure to recognise, confront, and prevent the darkness from enveloping us again.

This is our responsibility.

And we can do it. We can do it with equality, love, progress, and unity, because those values are like poison to the darkness.

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