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Mary Meeker’s internet trends 2016

If your life revolves around information, technology and the internet, you are in luck! Mary Meeker just released her latest internet trends report for 2016.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends report are the ultimate compilation of essential technology statistics, and this year’s review keeps that tradition going.

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So what are the latest trends?! Here is a quick overview of the latest report:

  • growth in global internet users had flattened, except in India (slides 5-8, 13-14);
  • growth in global smartphone shipments is also slowing (slides 9-11);
  • Apple is losing ground to Android (slide 12);
  • global economic growth is continuing to slow (slides 17-32, 37-40);
  • despite the global economic slowdown, there is evidence of strong service-driven jobs and income growth (slides 160-181);
  • population growth is also slowing, birth rates are falling, but lifespans are increasing (slides 33-36);
  • online advertising is accelerating, but there is room for improvements in efficiency, and the growing popularity of ad blocking represents an issue (slides 42-48);
  • consumer preferences are evolving – millennials are global, optimistic, urban, diverse, and tolerant (slides 50-52);
  • the internet is continuing to kill television and radio, and e-commerce is still on the rise (slides 53-70);
  • visual social media, images, videos, and streaming, and messaging are leading growth online (slides 71-110);
  • using voice to interface with technology is rising, and it looks likely to win the ‘interface wars’ (slides 111-133);
  • transportation and cars are merging with technology at a scale and speed never before seen (slides 134-159);
  • the internet is continuing to fuel a fundamental shift in the global economy, and we may have only seen the beginning of that shift (slides 182-193);
  • digital data storage is growing exponentially, while the cost of storing data is falling fast, and data is becoming the ‘next big wave’ to leverage to offer efficiencies and improvements (slides 194-205); and
  • as data explodes, so does concern about the security of that data (slides 206-212).

When one looks at the current report in the context of observations made in 2015, a new focus on the human factor stands out strongly. Previously the focus was largely on the technology itself – now the focus appears to have firmly shifted to humans, and how they interact with technology.

The transformative power of the internet continues to be a runaway freight-train, as it continues to reshape the entire global economy. E-commerce continues to rise, messaging and visual social media are going from strength to strength, and millennials continue to lead a global cultural shift.

Cyber security remains a serious, and growing concern, especially as data, and its application, are experiencing exponential growth.

Here is the report in full, but be prepared for a long read, it runs over 213 slides!

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